India has a wide variety of looms starting from hand looms to power looms to super high speed shuttle less looms. The trend obviously is more and more towards shuttle less looms entering the Industry.

In stark contrast to other looms, in case of shuttle less looms the production is limited by yarn quality specially so for cotton and blended yarn. This calls for a very carefull preparetion of warp beam in preparatory. Similarly, the weft has to take very high tension and needs judicious settings on loom. So the skill set to handle high speed looms are totally different compared to other looms. Many in the Industry suffer from low loom shed efficiency at 75 to 80 %. The initial
The services offered are,

  • Analysis of loss of efficiency and measures for improvement
  • Systems of quality monitoring in weaving preparatory
  • Reports of production, diagnosis of low production and its improvement
  • Manpower assessment and job allocation for workers
  • yarn quality requirement for achieving excellence in loom shed performance
  • Grey inspection system and its interlinking with loom shed performance